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Our toll help lines are active 24/7 and you can always email us for any help.

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01. Customer Focus

You Are Our Priority And Dealing With You Personally With Loyalty And Happiness Is What Matters.

02. Timeliness

Timely Delivery And Quality Matter At Jude Color Solutions And We Aim At Making It A Legacy.

03. Confidentiality & Excellence

The Principle And Practice To Honor The Principle And Deliver Extremely Outstanding Legacy.


Real Integrity Is Doing The Right Thing, Knowing That Nobody's Going To Know Whether You Did It Or Not.


Plot 6 Johnson Street,
Prime complex building room C-24,
Kampala, Uganda
Phone: 0200 933 554 / 0783 055 210 / 0392 886 526
Whatsapp: + 256 783 055 210
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